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Community Service

Mary Ann Grossett

Phenomenal Woman in Community Service

Mary Ann Grossett is the Executive Director of the Bernie Mac Foundation. As Executive Director, her role involves executing the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To preserve the legacy and integrity of Bernard Jeffery McCullough (Bernie Mac)

  • To provide full support to the President and CEO, Rhonda McCullough, and The Bernie Mac Foundation Board of Director Members,Medical Advisory Board Members , Medical Health Professionals, Patients, BMF Supporters and Volunteers

  • To facilitate the day to day operations regarding The Bernie Mac Foundation

  • To implement The Bernie Mac Foundation For Sarcoidosis Research Mission and Vision Statement

  • To advocate for patients who are challenged with Sarcoidosis

  • To establish a community network, medical doctors and researchers, stakeholders, contributors and individuals who support the foundation

  • To advocate for the medically disenfranchised

I am honored to serve on the Bernie Mac Foundation where my expertise, talents and work ethics can be utilized for a great cause. Together, our involvement and commitment places us in an elite community that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Mary Ann Grossett is not only Rhonda McCullough’s oldest sister, but also a proven leader. She holds a Masters Degree in Education Administration from University of Illinois and has over 30 years of experience with Chicago Public Schools. She began her career in the classroom and eventually moved on to become an education leader and manager within the Chicago Public Schools. Prior to her appointment as executive director of the Bernie Mac Foundation, Mary Ann retired as Director of Culture of Calm, Chicago Vocational Career Academy in 2011 after an illustrious career as an educator with Chicago Public Schools. As Executive Director Mary Ann is committed to the legacy, mission and vision of the Bernie Mac Foundation for the betterment of serving patients who are challenged with Sarcoidosis.

Please consider making a donation in Mary Ann's honor. Visit for donation options.

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